LA Roadster Show selections - Gee Bee Deuce

 Los Angeles Roadster Show, June 2011
LA Fairgrounds, Pomona, CA

This photo,
Gee Bee Deuce
Collaboration with great Thanks to Artist: Mark J Kopczewski using his wonderful capture
Replica of Granville Brothers 1932 Gee-Bee R2 Super Sportster (NR2101)
Photomanipulation by Bill Dutting

Gee Bee Deuce captured at the Los Angeles Roadster show, Pomona, CA June 2011
Deuce is a tribute to the great 1932 Bee Gee Super Sportster Air Racer.
Rodbods steel body, Hi-Tec Pro 32 chassis, TCI front axle assembly, Currie 9" Ford rear, SW guages, 
1932 Ford Title…For Sale by owner…602-439-1249

Nikon D40, Nikkor 18-55 at 18, Auto, Aperture priority

 HEI ignition, GM 350/350 with Edelbrock Aluminum heads and intake, 350 automatic!

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1955 24 Hours of Le Mans - History, Profile, Information and Photos

1955 24 Hours of Le Mans - History, Profile, Information and Photos

1948 Studebaker M5 Pickup

Caught this Studebaker Hot Rod pickup at
the Los Angeles Roadster show yesterday...

Built 327 with double-hump heads, killer cam, polished Torker, Edelbrock 750
350 B&M Trans, 2100 stall
S-10 Rear with 370 gear

Volare front suspension, Tilt Front end done right
Runs hard and drives great

For Sale, part trade, $11,500 obo
Lots of extra parts included


Fifties Hemis

The Fifties...Birthday of the infamous Hemi engines

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Those Sexy Sixties

The cars of the sixties were a customizer's dream!
Here are some stock and custom examples.

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Thank you!